CoverCaps are a family of products designed to provide effective safety against accidents involving exposed rebar.
Accidents involving exposed rebar have had deadly consequences, but have also led to severe personal injuries or permanent disability.
Now there is a possibility to banish these accidents forever: CoverCaps.

CoverCaps offers a family of products, designed to provide effective protection in any practical situation while also being cost-effective. The patented caps not only provide shielding from impalement injuries but also help to prevent these accidents from ever happening. Bright colors signal any potential hazard, especially in situation of lower visibility.
Clearly marking out (rows of) rebar ends provides additional safety in clarifying the layout of a jobsite. This reduces the chances of accidents and damage to materials.

CoverCaps provide a reduction in the risks through signaling hazards and, if an accident does occur, minimizes the consequences of such an accident.

CoverCaps: CanSaveALife